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Fundamentally Different

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2014 features a weekly highlight of "OUR 15 FUNDAMENTALS"

These fundamentals sustain our rich history and company culture.

I.   Client Focus:

1. Do What’s Best for the Client; 2. Create a Feeling of Warmth and Friendship; 3. Be Professional; 4. Give Nordstrom Service and 5. Develop Relationships.

II.  The Collaborative Way

6. Acknowledge and Appreciate; 7. Be for Each Other; 8. Check the Ego at the Door; 9. Employ Blameless Problem Solving; and 10. Utilize a Systems Approach.

III.  Personal Effectiveness/Excellence

11. Practice A+ness; 12. Take Responsibility; 13. Find Time to Do Things Right; 14. Anticipate Challenges and Opportunities; and 15. Be Entrepreneurial.

These fundamentals serve as a practical guide for our behavior as people and as an organization – we are how we behave. We are not what’s written on our walls or in our marketing materials. We are not what we talk about or what we believe in. No, the real evidence of who we are is in the behaviors that show up on a daily basis – the behaviors that our clients, teammates, friends and family actually observe. We are how we behave.

Each week we take one of the fundamentals and focus on how we can demonstrate the principal even more strongly than we have in the past. We think about what it means to us and about new ways to apply the idea to everyday work.

Our company (and personal) success comes from having the will and the discipline to do the basics right, day after day, week after week. Focusing on “Our Fundamentals” is an important part of what separates Pohlig Builders from the rest.

The Pohlig team works to achieve outstanding results and satisfied customers. Let us know how we can help you realize your dreams.

Warm Regards,

Todd and Don Pohlig
The Pohlig Companies
274 Lancaster Ave., Suite 100
Malvern, PA 19355

(P) 610.647.4700
(F) 610.647.6885


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